3 de novembro de 2008


Saiu na Wired: blogs estão ultrapassados e é cafona começar a escrever seu próprio site.

Fiquei tão trsite... eu me divirto tanto...

Thinking about launching your own blog? Here's some friendly advice: Don't. And if you've already got one, pull the plug.Writing a weblog today isn't the bright idea it was four years ago. The blogosphere, once a freshwater oasis of folksy self-expression and clever thought, has been flooded by a tsunami of paid bilge. Cut-rate journalists and underground marketing campaigns now drown out the authentic voices of amateur wordsmiths. It's almost impossible to get noticed, except by hecklers. And why bother? The time it takes to craft sharp, witty blog prose is better spent expressing yourself on Flickr, Facebook, or Twitter.

Fala sério! Odeio esses sites!

When blogging was young, enthusiasts rode high, with posts quickly skyrocketing to the top of Google's search results for any given topic, fueled by generous links from fellow bloggers. In 2002, a search for "Mark" ranked Web developer Mark Pilgrim above author Mark Twain. That phenomenon was part of what made blogging so exciting. No more. Today, a search for, say, Barack Obama's latest speech will deliver a Wikipedia page, a Fox News article, and a few entries from professionally run sites like Politico.com. The odds of your clever entry appearing high on the list? Basically zero.

Sabe o que isso significa? Que nunca serei como o Paulo Coelho! E agora? Achei que fosse ser famosa como a Silvia Plath depois do meu suicídio chique na casa em frente ao lago. Droga! Agora como eu vou ficar rica e famosa?

Pelo menos eu não preciso mais pagar terapeuta.

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Fabio Machado disse...

Gostei muito do seu blog. Um estilo leve e prático, ao mesmo tempo sério e profundo. Um mosaico interessante !

Vou acompanhar com certeza !